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Taken from Australia's leading classroom music program - Jellybeans Music, this resource is the actual teaching programs that we use in the classroom. There are 45 pieces and all have been written specifically for this program and each one focuses on specific curriculum outcomes. Each piece has been played (and enjoyed!) by thousands and thousands of students already, so you know that YOUR class will love them also. The program is sequential in difficulty level thus building skills as the program continues. The pieces are arranged to suit 4 age levels: Prep/Foundation; Yr 1-2; Yr. 3-4; Yr. 5-7.

Each piece comes with downloadable PDF's; an audio link to play the track; and many pieces include videos of animated notation for the students to play along with; instructional videos; dance videos to follow and so on. 

The package includes:

- 45 songs
- Downloadable sheet music PDF's for each piece
- Teaching notes for each piece
- Audio files for each piece

Each piece is written specifically for our program and covers the full range of curriculum outcomes, such as: 

- Singing
- Performing on tuned percussion
- Performing on untuned percussion
- Performing on recorders (from Yr. 3 and up)
- Moving/Dance
- Reading notation
- Rhythmic development

As you can see there is a LOT of material for your classes! All pieces are sequential in skill development and the recorder resources are a complete tuition program in their own right.

This new resource is an annual subscription - that is, will last you for 365 days from when you receive your access code. At this time we are just releasing our Program #1 (which has 45 pieces) but we also have 7 other programs all with 35-40 pieces in each. We will gradually release these from next year.

The annual subscription fee for Program #1 is dependent on school population:

School Population
Annual Subscription Fee
Under 175 students
$205.70 (inc. GST)
176 - 250 students
 $242.00 (inc. GST)
251 - 350 students
$302.50 (inc. GST)
351+ students
$365.00 (inc. GST)

Jellybeans Music - Online

Jellybeans Music - Online

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