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Jellybeans And Other Suites #2



MORE of the format that you and your students have come to know and love! We’ve listened to teachers over recent years and now include a SUITE of bonus extras.

Jelly Beans 2 retains the same EASY-TO-USE format to enable classroom generalist teachers to deliver music lessons, yet offers a truly wide variety of classroom music activities for the Music Specialist.

What Can you Expect?

- 10 great pieces in a wide variety of styles
- same skill levels as Book 1
- same large format percussion scores
- Australia wide hard copy Teachers Handbook including activities and Curriculum Outcomes. (State based Specific Curriculum info delivreed in soft copy online)
- Accompanying CD with LIVE music

At JozzBeat Music Publishing we pride ourselves on listening to teachers and developing resources that reflect the day-to-day classroom experience. As a result we have included in Jelly Beans! And Other Suites 2 a wide range of extras for teachers to offer students a more advanced musical opportunity. These are all delivered online and are allinclusive in the purchase price. So what are some of these extras?

RECORDER PARTS – A number of pieces in Jelly Beans 2 include Recorder parts to play along with the pieces. Most are 2 part descant (easy and more difficult), however 1 piece includes complete recorder accompaniment in 5 parts!

– Also included are a number of pieces with glockenspiel parts. Added to offer students something more. Make your class a mixed musical ensemble with Hand Percussion, Recorder and Glockenspiel. Think of the Concerts!

VOCAL PARTS – Teachers requested more contemporary pieces with vocals, so here they are! No less than 5 of the 10 pieces include vocal parts, including some raps and harmony parts also.

THE “RED JELLY BEAN CHALLENGE” – A unique design enabling students the chance to perform more difficult percussion parts than those presented on the large scores. Most pieces contain an 8 or 16 bar “Red Jelly Bean Challenge” which is included in the online resources. The “Challenge” is a more difficult percussion part that can be imposed over the already existing parts!

SLOWER SPEED CD TRACKS – Teachers asked us to provide some slower speed tracks on the accompanying CD for their younger and less experienced students. Done!

Order Now! $250.00 (+ $19.95 P&H) includes Large Percussion Scores, Australia wide Teachers Handbook, Play-along CD, Large Protective Cardboard Housing 


AUS $250.00 (inc. GST)

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